Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is a ball-and socket type of connection between the arm and upper body that allows for forward/backward movement, as well rotation. The AC Joint located below this area helps with stability during movements by providing an attachment site on one side while allowing some space in other directions so it can expand or contract accordingly when reacting quickly to changing environments around us all day long.  The shoulder is an easily injured area because of its size to the arm and socket. To remain stable, it must be anchored by muscles , tendons or ligaments which can become overused leading up too rapid degeneration in age related problems such as rotator cuff injuries .Shoulder pain may localize but could also radiate down your forearms when doing everyday tasks like cooking food on high heat sources.


For a variety of causes, including shoulder pain and unique types not listed here:
Shoulder Abnormality – Our team will help you find the cause. Once an appointment has been scheduled with our knowledgeable Yorktown staff who specialize in painful conditions such as yours; we’ll meet to diagnose your problem!! We may recommend precise injections or stem cell therapy – PRP if needed for those experiencing hip/shoulder discomfort .

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