Herniated Disc

Herniatied disc says our team will do CT’s MRI’s Xrays we don’t do those types of things. We know that there is minimal correlation to herniation and pain. Some have pain some don’t. We focus on how the body may be creating symptoms of pain based on pressure to the wrong places in the body. 

The herniated disk is a painful condition that can cause irreversible damage to the spine. A gel-like substance starts flowing out from between each bone and presses against nerve endings, causing severe pain in some cases.

My client, who has been exercising all her life with few exceptions and had never experienced this before explained that she felt the effects of a little soreness after two days in car because for whatever reason (maybe not doing e-cises on vacation) caused muscles to tighten up. When bending over to pick up purse from floor below chest area pulled vertebrae one side putting pressure against nerve causing sharp pain which is what helped make me realize how much tension there was actually places I wasn’t aware existed!

Egoscue’s e-cises can help you skyrocket your recovery from back pain.  The doctor’s prescription for a muscle relaxer really helped my client out of her initial spasm, and we certainly understand the “rest and no exercise” advice too—but not all exercises are created equal! That is what makes these guys so great: they have many different resting positions in their repertoire that will facilitate getting into optimal alignment without stress or strain involved with normal “exercise”. And since it takes time to recover naturally after any kind movement (even if its just sitting at home). The Egoscues method helps speed things up by providing simple ways people like me who suffer chronic conditions.

The difference between a bulging and herniated disk can be difficult to tell without extensive testing, but one way that you might know for sure is if your pain gets worse when standing or walking. A good rule of thumb would mean the outer layer (the tough cartilage) involved with these conditions while disks may only affect certain parts; however this isn’t always true as some cases involving either type could cause discomfort throughout all areas affected due in large part because they’re made up mostly from softer material rather than hard like our own bones do here at home!


The human body is made up of a system that holds everything in place. Disks, or shock absorbers as they are sometimes called can become herniated when there’s too much pressure on them and this causes you pain. A spinal disc herniation usually occurs because someone trauma binds one side more than another which will cause an inflammation from chemical mediators released by cells within our bodies causing severe discomfort without any nerve root compression involved. 


We know that Disk herniation can be a pain, but don’t worry because our team of specialists will help you get better. We want to set up an appointment with one of us right away if any or all these symptoms apply: neck pain; arm chest wall mid back leg numbness in your lower spine region . Usually clients do not need surgery for this condition however there are some cases where it may become necessary such as when severe disk pressing against nerve roots passing near the space between two bones causes irritation which leads them down pathway towards becoming paralyzed. If experiencing anything similar then please contact.

Treatment of Disc Herniation

Yorktown Pain Management is committed to diagnosing the cause of your pain so we can develop an effective treatment plan for you. We take pride in our ability, through a comprehensive physical examination and review relevant medical history along with lab work (including X-rays), as well imaging studies like CT scans or MRIs when necessary; all aimed at discovering what’s causing this chronic discomfort that just won’t go away on its own.

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