Back Pain

The Yorktown pain management team understands the difficulties that come with back-related conditions and strives to provide comprehensive care for each client. From our multidisciplinary approach, which ensures you can access all related services under one roof no matter where they are located in Yorktown area including rehabilitation physicians as well massage therapist if needed. We’re committed towards achieving best possible outcomes every step along journey. We understand that back pain can be a difficult condition to live with. We want you and your loved ones experiencing any degree of discomfort in the region around one or both shoulders blade areas, lower neckline down into their upper spine area so it’s best for us help address problems before they become serious!

Chiropractor in Yorktown, VA Chiropractors and why they refer to us…

Do you ever find yourself questioning the lasting effects of your chiropractic adjustments? Perhaps you experience temporary relief for a day or two, only to have the pain return. This is a common issue faced by many individuals. Chiropractors primarily focus on aligning the body and optimizing the coordination between the skeletal and nervous systems to promote well-being. However, for some people, adjustments alone may not suffice to alleviate pain over the long term.

That’s where we, as Posture and Movement Specialists, come into the picture. We collaborate with chiropractors to aid their clients dealing with back pain, sciatica, migraines and headaches, vertigo, and more. Our main emphasis lies in retraining the muscles to restore proper body movement, ensuring that the alignment achieved through chiropractic adjustments endures. This collaboration not only facilitates the chiropractor’s work but also enhances its effectiveness.

If you’re wondering about the role of chiropractors in Yorktown, VA, our approach sets us apart from traditional chiropractic care. We acknowledge that muscles play a crucial role in mobilizing the skeleton, and for adjustments to hold and produce lasting results, it is essential to engage and train the muscles alongside the skeletal and nervous systems. By focusing on the interplay of these interconnected components, we enable the body to heal itself when all the parts work in harmony.

The Back Pain Staff At Yorktown Pain Management

Yorktown is home to many back pain specialists. The staff at the Yorktown center understand that chronic and acute pains can be symptoms, not conditions themselves, so they tackle both sides of it with professionalism in mind. With multiple locations around Yorktown region for your convenience you’ll always find one close by when needed most.

Where Is Back Pain Most Likely To Occur?

The lower back is a very common location for pain because it supports and facilitates motion.
In our experience with clients, most of them have experienced discomfort in this area as well and we’re not talking about just some minor aches or stiffness here, the vertebrae at the base level make up one-third (34%)of all lumbar problems treated by chiropractic staff; these bones take responsibility not only ensuring you don’t fall down but also providing cushioning during sudden movements from higher up on your body’s outline, think spinal cord.

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common medical issues in America. It can be caused by a variety factors including genetics, injury and aging but there are other things that contribute too such as bad furniture or mattresses.

Back Pain Treatment

When you come to our center, your treatment is customized for the individual needs and goals that are most important. We work with clients on determining what’s causing their pain so it doesn’t get masking in other treatments or surgeries down the line.

Are you looking for a Back Pain Miracle? Call us for a free consultation!

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