The most common cause of sciatica pain is an herniated disk. This type can also radiate down into your leg and may be sharp, shooting or burning-like in nature with respect to where you experience it at any given time though out day/night whereas other causes might not have these characteristics so much but rather more rush like symptoms which will make everything seem worse when they arise.


The sciatica pain can be described as a sharp, shooting or burning sensation that starts in your low back and radiates down the back side of one leg. This type if nerve problem may make it difficult to stand still for too long but you’ll likely know when this has happened because suddenly everything will start hurting even more than before.


Yorktown pain management center offers a range of treatment options for patients with sciatica. Our award-winning team can help you identify the underlying causes and address them through transforaminal injections into nerve roots, which may include steroid medications given fluoroscopically guided by MRI scanning technology or other techniques as appropriate depending on your specific concerns.

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