Knee Pain

Knee Pain can be frustrating and debilitating. Unfortunately, it can take the joy out of the things we love and even make daily activities challenging. When it comes to chronic pain in the knee, we almost always have to look elsewhere. The knee is a relatively simple joint that hinges and has a small amount of rotation. Pain In the knee comes when the joint leaves its optimal position either by staying bent, over extending, bowing out, or collapsing in. The pressure each position creates will determine or affect where pain shows. up. The knees will be positioned based off what the feet and the hips are telling them to do. We must start there to truly relieve knee pain.

Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Knee injuries and medical conditions can cause this type of discomfort, which many types respond well self-care measures such as physical therapy or braces for the knee itself if needed but surgical repair may also be an option in some cases.

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Knee pain can be caused by various factors and symptoms that vary in severity. The most common include:
Swelling, stiffness or redness near the joint; warmth to touch as well as a popping noise when you try straightening out your knee without success are all examples of mild knee injuries while more severe ones will cause weakness leading eventually into inability-to move certain parts like tears between adjacent tissues called cartilage which form endplates allowing for smooth bones rubbing against each other instead .


The knee is a complicated joint that can be injured in many ways. Knee injuries happen most often due to traumatic events such as falls, car accidents and sports related activities like basketball or soccer player who experience sudden changes of direction especially where there’s limited use on one side (iliotibial band). Sometimes these issues aren’t apparent right away but rather develop over time leading up until they become painful enough for you want medical attention so please visit your physician if this sounds familiar.

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