Arm Pain

Chronic arm pain is often the result of injury to a nerve, damage to cervical spine area or muscle strain. This type of chronic knotted low-back problem can be related with inflammation and trauma which may cause compression among other things leading up until you have difficulty using your hands properly due some form discomfort while performing tasks including writing etc. If this sounds like something that’s bothering/affecting both wrists then it would probably also affect other parts such as fingers too so make sure everything gets checked out by someone who knows what they’re doing.


The arms can be painful if you have any one of these conditions. Degenerative spine disease, such as spinal cord compression or herniated discs in the cervical area may cause nerve root impingement that leads to brachial plexopathy (arm pain). Bulging discs also lead arm nerves being irritate. In some cases bursitis will occur due-to swelling around shoulder joints which causes inflammation The most common site for this kind oy Workers Compensation litigation involves tendinitis located on expose areas where there’s little protection.
Shoulder instability – The upper arm bone is forced out of the shoulder socket, which leads to pain. Shoulders can also become inflamed from impingement or rotator cuff injury and require surgical intervention in some cases; this will result with you having trouble using your hands for everyday activities such as typing on a computer keyboard.
Shoulder arthritis- due chronic wear & tear injuries many people experience stiffness when lifting heavy objects but even those who do not have any physical disability may develop bad shoulders if they spend too much time at desks all day long every single week without taking breaks through open air activity like walking around outside etc.


When the cervical spine is pinched, it can cause pain to shoot down one arm and into your hand. You may also experience weakness in that side of your body as well as burning sensations or tingling feelings near where you think he pinch occurred.


Yorktown Pain is dedicated to providing you with treatments that will relieve your pain. Our goal at Yorktown pain in treating the root cause of neck and arm discomfort so it doesn’t come back again soon after treatment ends! We offer many options for eliminating this type if suffering including:
Epidural steroid injections – This technique involves instilling a corticosteroid into each space surrounding spinal cord where nerves transmit signals from muscles around body parts affecting movements/ sensation .

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